Welcome to Awake Minds! My name is Meghan and I am a certified meditation teacher and yoga instructor, currently living in Newburyport, MA. My mission is to support people in living fulfilled, balanced, and meaningful lives, through the tools of meditation and yoga.

These days our lives can be inundated with stress, responsibilities, and to-do lists (for all ages) and my hope is that Awake Minds can offer adults, teens, and young people techniques to support healing and balance of mind and body.

My own journey began twenty years ago when I started practicing meditation and understanding the power of positive thinking. I have been healed mentally, emotionally, and physically in many ways on this journey and continue to feel inspired by how slowing down, practicing presence, conscious living, and living more simply can be a true support in challenging times. I would be honored to support you in any way I can on your journey and would love to hear from you!

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"I have been transformed through my own daily practice of meditation and yoga and believe that peace, clarity, and emotional regulation are accessible to all- through the practice and power of concentration and meditation. I want to be able to offer techniques to others- to help others build resilience and fulfillment in focused breathing, self-love and compassion. This is my passion...this is my prayer." - Meghan

Photo credit: Kelly Gallagher, Kelleidoscope Photography