Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools

Meghan offers mindfulness lessons in classrooms and after-school programs for Kindergarten through 12th graders, using the Mindful Schools curriculum. She weaves in crafts, creativity, and play into each lesson and modifies curriculum based on students' backgrounds and needs. 

Topics covered include: mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful movement, mindful breathing, mindful listening, mindfulness of emotions, mindful eating, brain science, mindful consumption/ sustainability, and heartfulness/ self-compassion. Yoga and gentle stretching are also woven into each lesson. 

Mindfulness in Education:

Professional Development for School Districts

Meghan offers one-day, two-day, or weekly professional development trainings and support groups for teachers and school staff in the area of mindfulness in education. These trainings provide information on personal practice, the science of mindfulness, and bringing mindfulness into classrooms and therapeutic services.

Six-Week Online Mindfulness Course for Educators 

This online course starts on March 7, 2019, and provides fundamental tools for educators in bringing mindful practice into their own lives and into the lives of their students. Topics covered will include: mindfulness of body, breath, emotions, and thoughts, scientific research behind mindfulness in education, personal practice, and tools to bring mindfulness into classrooms. Click here register.


Marblehead High School's Mindfulness 101 class :

“This class changed my life and the way I see things for the better. I actually can’t believe how amazing I feel.”


“I have learned how to recognize my emotions better. “


“I can say that without a doubt that without this class at this exact time in my life I would have been so incredibly miserable. This class helped me with everything.”


“I have been getting a lot more sleep and I am more refreshed at school.”


“I have an increase in my self esteem, this has made me more accepting of who I am.”

“Into Light”- These four high school students used their mindfulness practice to battle their experiences of depression. They learned to take pauses to breathe, make friends with the present moment, reflect on and connect to themselves, feel gratitude, cultivate creativity, and discover freedom from their critical inner voice.

“Into Light” was created by Mindful Schools graduate and filmmaker, Julie Bayer Salzman.

Photo by jankovoy/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by jankovoy/iStock / Getty Images

Looking for resources and lessons to bring mindfulness lessons into your classroom?

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