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Photo by Daniel_Kay/iStock / Getty Images

Meditation practices have been around for thousands of years and can provide a way for individuals to practice techniques that support greater focus and clarity, while offering tools to calm and balance the mind and body.

These tools support stress-management, build intuition, improve sleep, and deepen our connections to others and the natural world.


“We are grateful for our partnership with Meghan. She is a natural when working with youth and teaching them yoga and mindfulness.”

-Danielle Littles, Program Director, Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area

"Meghan worked with a member of my family through a very difficult time consisting of change, health struggles, stress, and uncertainty. From the very initial phone conversation we had, I had strong hopes that it would be a great fit. As I explained to her the struggles and current reality, she listened and understood with great compassion. From there, we discussed and determined a plan and explore what might be the most helpful for this individual.

On a weekly basis, she would work individually with a member of my family to practice mindful breathing, movement, and cultivate a mindful practice. Not only did Meghan help this person's stress deeply decrease but also, she gave him the tools to practice mindfulness on his own. She met my family member where they were, with no judgement but rather with overwhelming compassion, light, and friendship. We are so grateful for her help and the support she provided our family. We couldn't have managed through it all without her."

-Family member of a meditation client

”I love the affirmations. You created exactly what I need to say to myself, especially with my mala beads, and throughout the day as you suggested. Working with you makes me happy.”

-Meditation client